We collect lumber from the surrounding hills and valleys. During rain, snow or sleet – we depend on our people and haul trucks.


One dispatcher, one office. We collect the GPS signals from all 30 of our haul trucks in Brumov-Bylnice office. As a result, we know the whereabouts of each and every truck and can decide where to send it next.

The haul trucks are always operated by skilled drivers who know the terrain and our clients.

We haul both broadleaved and coniferous species, short and long lumber, chippings and shavings. For one or for a thousand kilometers, on or off-road, it doesn’t make any difference to us.

We can handle a single hundred-year-old oak or a pile of spruce. Be it once or on a regular basis.

We currently have fifty drivers. And, their children want to work for us, too.

Into the forest I


We don’t like to return without a load. That’s why a dispatcher assigns a load for both the journey there and the trip back.

We make full use of our haul trucks but we don’t overload them. In this way we preserve both the trucks’ transmissions and the forest roads.


The lumber is also transported by trains, mainly for long distances. We are skilled in loading the wagons in a short time and in accordance with proper weight limits. We’ve got it all – the right technology, people and know-how.


We use 35 transport trucks in 6×4, 6×6 or 4×2. They all have a EURO 5 certification or higher and are updated regularly. In 2017 our fleet was one of the largest and most modern in the field.

We take care of our trucks. And the people who drive them.


The know-how acquired from lumber transportation could help forests all over the world. That’s why we share our knowledge. We want to help truck manufacturers on their quest for alternative fuels.

Our dispatcher Michal Pechanec is going to field calls related to the nature of the business’ partnerships with truck manufacturers in their pursuit for better fuel: +420 603 207 982.