We know we’re doing a good job when a plank of exact proportions slides out of the sawmill. We invest in our technology and know-how in order to replicate this process. A poorly cut plank is a waste of time, money, and resources


The sawmill showcases everything we believe in. Not only from a technical point of view, but also from an aesthetic one – a grand garden awaits you right beyond the entrance gate.

The pond and the surrounding trees are a daily reminder, we wouldn’t have a job without nature.

Don’t be scared if you see a snake. An endangered species of aesculapian lives on our premises.


You’ll see logs prepared for debarking. We know the origins of every tree trunk and we try our best to make sure most of the lumber comes from the local region. Thanks to our focus on felling specific kinds of trees, we are able to provide the highest quality of a wide range of products.

The journey continues into the hall with band and dimension saws. An older Artiglio saws 30,000 cubic meters of broad-leaved trees a year, newer EWD can saw twice as many conifers. The saws are partially powered by solar panels and the entire hall is equipped with frequency converters and is illuminated by LED lights.

The bandsaw can cope with any type of lumber and any log diameter.


The raw lumber moves onto the saw and a part of it then goes through the drying line. A part of the lumber is then planed.

The remaining lumber is then dried, sometimes up to 4 months. Quality takes time.

The lumber is fully processed, the chippings go off to the paper mill.


We make use of all the waste created during the production process. We sell the bark to the gardeners and the rest of it is burned. We also have a pellet mill on the premises so the sawdust doesn’t travel far. The chippings are sold to paper mills.

Ecology is a big concern for us because we want to preserve what we do. That’s why we also have our own sewage plant and solar panels on the premises.



    We have individual sawing
    schemes for every
    type of lumber.


    And thanks to 3D measuring,
    we carry out individual
    sawing for each log.


The processed lumber is set aside for selection in the storage where everybody can see it, choose the right lumber and take it away.

Before we load the package, we must complete the process by capping or trimming the lumber – the final detail in preparing the lumber for use.

We are building a new storage unit with regulated temperatures and standardized humidity. In 2018, our hall for the production of improved lumber will be ready as well.


KVH-BSH (Glulam Beams)