The gates close behind the trucks with neatly loaded lumber. Window makers take spruce lamellas, carpenters come for dried oak from the Carpathian slopes. They will breathe new life into the fruits of our labor and bringing new products to life.


Our storage is full of spruce, oak and other trees awaiting their next journey. Both wet and dried up to 8-10 %, edged or not, planed or capped.

People walk among the neat piles of lumber and they see an elegant façade, solid wooden doors or a theatre stage. Sometimes our neighbours from Bylnice come by for a few planks for their fences.

When needed, we help customers with the selection and the correct lumber is then immediately cut to the requested length.


Our gates are opened every weekday from 8am till 3pm.


We don’t insist on a minimum quantity – we will load the trucks of craftsmen with whatever they need – larch terrace boards, beech planks and we add a couple of spruce baulks on top. Or we sent a truck full of oak lamellas to the window making factory on a regular basis.

And that’s how lumber from Brumov-Bylnice travels into factories, workshops, and our customers’ cars and trucks all over central Europe.


He is in charge of retail sales Mr. Richard Výlet. It is available at the sawmill and expedition, by phone: +420 603 275 683.


Our trees are worth the wait. Quality pines cannot be felled during the summer months and the drying of oak lumber can’t be done in a hurry. When needed, we can fell, deliver and process lumber that is currently not in stock. Seasonal products are dictated by a boss who doesn’t compromise – the forest.


We are building a new storage and retail store. There’s a lot going on in Kloboucká lesní and there is still a lot more to come.


Kladíkov Nursery