Kladíkov Nursery

Up to 5 million plants a year begin their journey near the small Czech town of Moravský Písek. After just a few years, they will become an secured plantation, and in a matter of several decades, they will grow into strong and healthy forests.

We build the forest foundations for future generations


Light, sandy soil makes life hard for plants. In order to gain at least some water in a place with a hot climate and an insufficient rainfall amount of 526 mm, they have to build rich and strong root systems for themselves. Because of that, they have a high survival rate and a strong chance of creating an secured plantation and becoming a strong forest

The hot and dry climate of South Moravia strengthens our beeches, pines and even sorb trees.

We grow bare root seedlings in polytunnels and containerized seedlings in an air-pot seed tray. We use outdoor beds for the final stages of cultivation. In Kladíkov, we grow 25 kinds of forest species, both the fast-growing and the wild native ones. We only use seeds from certified silvicultural areas, so we know the origins of every single plant.


Kladíkov nursery is one of the largest and oldest forest nurseries in the Czech Republic. In 1965, a 5-hectare nursery was built here. Today, we use a fenced in square of light sandy soil with an area of 45.18 ha. By growing plants in one place, the water usage is more effective which then reduces the costs per plant.


    Water supply is provided by a fully automated irrigation system.
    The water is supplied in small, frequent doses, mainly at night.

    In the area of drift sands with its extreme climate and soil conditions,
    we use established Israeli technology.


    The Israeli way of irrigation creates tiny droplets
    that are easily absorbed by the sandy soil which keeps the water approx. 20 cm underground.

    In low altitude, the sandy soil enables us to lift the plants
    from the earth fairly early in the growing process, without damaging the roots


Irrigation and fertilizing is done for every bed separately. The plants are forced to fight for water and nutrients. As a result they become resistant to the harsh conditions when they are later planted in the forest.

Strong roots feed the sapling which we ensure will grow into a majestic tree.

Before the small trees set out on their journey to the designated plantation area, they are kept in air-conditioned storage rooms with a humidity of around 98%, with the temperature between 2-4 °C. That way they don’t lose water or their strength.

The nursery is under the care of 4 foresters and up to 60 workers. Thanks to the sandy soil, their boots and machines don’t get bogged down in mud even after a torrent or thaw and

everything runs smoothly without delays.

For many years, our nursery has grown certified seeds into plants with a high chance of survival.

These plants then provide a solid ground for an secured plantation. Rich root system protects the trees from being uprooted and dying of drought.

We hand over large quantities of plants to foresters or in singles to gardeners.

On working days, we open our gates at 7am, the last visitor of the day leaves at around 3:30pm. In spring, customers can also buy their trees on Saturday from 7am till 12pm.

During these hours, your call is bound to get answered promptly. The number +420 518 387 131 is operated by Martin Slovák.