The story
of the forest

The journey of a tiny seed to a strong tree is a long one, but the path leading to a planed baulk is even longer. That path winds its way through a silent and peaceful forest, but from time to time people and machines come and go. If they proceed carefully, the path can be travelled by future generations as well.

In the sandy soil of Moravský Písek, we grow millions of trees. They have a tough life which creates a strong forest foundations for centuries to come.

Before the plants grow into strong and healthy trees, they need to be protected from game, pests and weeds. That’s why we scrupulously care form them from the very beginning.

It takes years to nurture the trees and when the time comes, we fell them. We are always considerate, as we won’t be the only ones returning to the forest.

From our roadside landings, we haul piles of spruce and ancient oak trees. We drive in all weather conditions and we’re always on time – our people and trucks are reliable.

The tree stems are transformed into planks and baulks of exact proportions in our Brumov-Bylnice sawmill. The bark, sawdust and other process-related waste is fully used elsewhere.

The new hall attracts architects and designers alike.
We make beams that will soon be transformed in their plans into girders, pillars, and ceiling frames.

The lumber waits in storage for its new owners who will make windows, floors, facades or even beds out of it. They transform planks and lamellas into parts of their homes.